Monday, November 5, 2012

The iPhone begins to lose followers

 El iPhone comienza a perder adeptos

Usually when Apple launches a new iPhone on the market, several companies dedicated to the analysis of sales of smartphones in the market often publish studies that measure the "loyalty" of consumers. So far we have always had to talk about the good figures that Apple gets to 'loyal customers', those who say they will continue buying the new Apple smartphones in coming years.

However, this time we have to talk about a loss of followers of Apple after the launch of the iPhone 5. Many were those who were disappointed by the lack of innovation in the new company phone and ensure that in the coming months will be passed to another smartphone model and continue to acquire the new Apple.

Currently in the United States by 88% of respondents say they will continue to buy Apple smartphones. A high figure but it decreased 93% compared to last year obtained. Something similar happens in Europe: 75% now reaffirms its loyalty to Apple, but last year this figure rose to 88% of respondents.

Apple needs to innovate.

Source- Mashable

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