Monday, November 5, 2012

The iPad Mini will arrive in Mexico in mid-month

The iPad Mini is now available in Spain, and in a number of countries. However, many Latin American countries still can not enjoy the new 7.9-inch tablet from Apple.

For those of you who live in Mexico, here's good news: the new iPad Mini has release date in your country. Well, the truth is that not an exact date, but an estimate. Its launch will be in mid-November, that is, in just two weeks.

We have learned that the Mexican Apple Store just opened a new form where you can buy the new apple tablet, introducing our data. The starting price is $ 5,199 Mexicans.

ipad mini mexico noviembre 385x350 El iPad Mini llegará a México a mediados de mes

Of course, the expected delivery date is two weeks for the WiFi model and three or four weeks for the LTE version. This version will allow connectivity anywhere, start with a price of $ 7,200. Recall that this chip incorporates iPad 4G Mini is universal, so presumably works anywhere in the world.

Here are the prices of different WiFi models, which are always something cheaper:

  • 16GB for $ 5199 (18 monthly payments of $ 325.66)
  • 32GB for $ 6699 (18 monthly payments of $ 419.62)
  • 64GB for $ 8199 (18 monthly payments of $ 513.58)
And for the LTE model, which will arrive later this month delayed:
  • 16GB for $ 7200 (18 monthly payments of $ 451)
  • 32GB for $ 8699 (18 monthly payments of $ 544.9)
  • 64GB for $ 10,199 (18 monthly payments of $ 638.85)

What do you think this date, who live in Mexico? Is it made you wait too long, for the launch in other countries? Should Apple include Mexico in its list of countries to launch the first day?

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