Monday, November 12, 2012

The iPad mini: a week later

Last week we did a mini iPad and from iPad News this review we showed you the new Apple device. The video also compared it with the new iPad tablet Generació ny third we responded to concerns raised by our users on Twitter.

A week after the arrival of the iPad mini remain convinced that this is a piece with a stunning design, but with a screen that lags behind the rest of the new iOS devices. Should expect, therefore, to a next generation of iPads mini. And if what you like is the design, no doubt that the fifth-generation iPad will line design of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

Mini iPad or iPad? Third or fourth generation? Has been one of the most talked about these days and the general conclusion we draw is that each user will choose a tablet or another depending on your use in their daily lives. It is true that the iPad mini is easier to carry with you everywhere and gives more accessibility of use, but the big screen of iPad retina shadow continues his new little brother.

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