Saturday, November 3, 2012

The iPad mini could affect sales of Windows 8

ipad mini windows 8 El iPad mini podrĂ­a afectar a las ventas de Windows 8

Yes, the iPad mini will be the worst nightmare of Apple's competitors. But the 7.9-inch tablet from apple not only scares the Android tablet, also the new version of Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. On the eve of the launch of Apple's smallest tablet, Sterne Agee analyst said Apple had fixed the spotlight on Windows PC's. Clearing his comment, Sterne said observers believe that Apple's new device primarily affects Android tablet like the Kindle Fire Amazon or Google Nexus 7, "may miss the point."

"Particularly, we believe that the launch of the iPad mini could be a blow to the holiday season of Windows 8," according to AppleInsider. The Microsoft Surface RT, latest software giant's attempt to grab a piece of the tablet pie, should be especially nervous. The price of $ 599 is too expensive compared to the $ 329 it costs the iPad mini, at least according to analysts. "

These analysts rejected concerns that the iPad mini at $ 329 is too expensive. In fact, the iPod mini and iPod nano are the priority for Apple to introduce a new member in the family of iOS devices. These two devices also seemed initially quite expensive, but they sell very well because they offer "high quality at a reasonable price", according to analysts.

There is something to say about this argument of quality over price. Apple has not ever trying to compete on price in the sale of their computers. Somehow, the iPhone maker has made the design features and ease of use of its products has prevailed over the price.

In the end it does not matter if the iPad mini threat mainly to computers or Android tablet with Windows 8. What is clear is that Apple iPad mini fills a void that has allowed competitors to govern in the sector of small tablets. Until now, if you want a smaller tablet, you had to buy Android.

This has changed.

What do you think? Will the iPad mini can steal sales to Microsoft and its Windows 8?

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