Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The iPad is falling in love in China

For technology companies, the success or failure at international level is given by the presence of its products in China. Not surprisingly, a market with more than 1500 million potential buyers is something to consider.

Many of you may have noticed that Apple has been paying close attention to Asian markets in recent years. Slowly and without realizing it, in the keynotes have been releasing some advantages and options to those who purchase its products in China and other countries in the region.

 El iPad sigue enamorando en China

Today we learned that the Asian giant is still committed to the iPad , with 71 percent market share in its power. This means that the remaining 29 percent is shared between Samsung, Sony, Amazon, Google and other manufacturers are not willing to lose their piece of the tablet pie.

However, among these manufacturers are unknown second (Lenovo with 10.5 percent) and third (Ereneben with 3.6 percent) classified, corresponding with local brands from China that few people know in Europe or America. This leaves known brands with less than 15 percent of the total, which is quite worrying considering that many of these companies are based in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

romance ipad china fuerte 2 El iPad sigue enamorando en China

Basis of data, more general, says that according to a Reuters survey, the tablet market in China grew by 62.5 percent compared with the corresponding period last year.

What do you think about the potential of the Chinese market to Apple? Do you think we will see significant changes in the policies of the company, or will everything as before in that regard?

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