Saturday, November 17, 2012

The iPad and iPhone sales could skyrocket in coming quarters

iphone 5 apple store Las ventas de iPad y iPhone podrían dispararse en los próximos trimestres

Analysts seem to be convinced that the sales figures of the iPad and iPhone for the next two quarters will be really impressive and exceed all expectations generate around.

According to one analyst told investors on Thursday, believes that Apple will be able to overcome all the expectations of Wall Street due largely to lower-priced components, growth in China and the creation of new Apple Store, such , that of Brazil.

The next two quarters of Apple could be tremendously good

The analyst believes that Apple will sell 46 million iPhone and 23 million iPads in the current quarter and the next the figure will reach 43 million iPhone and 19 million iPad certainly tremendously impressive figures.

Based their predictions on which many people are thinking of renovating your iPhone and buy the new iPhone 5 as well as the arrival of the new iPad Mini will boost the sale of tablets. Furthermore, he believes that the arrival of the new iPad Mini will not stop sales of 9.7-inch iPad.

The arrival of the iPad Mini to China could be a turning point in the sales of the tablet, as its lowest price against 9.7-inch iPad could make Chinese consumers (a huge market) are launched headlong into buying the new device. In addition, Apple is expected to reach an agreement with China Mobile to sell their products, so that the figures could rise further.

fabrica china Las ventas de iPad y iPhone podrían dispararse en los próximos trimestres

In addition, the analyst believes that Apple's profit margins (a concern, much to investors) could increase because the components of Apple devices are coming down in price slowly, which allows the company manufacture their products at a lower cost and increase their profits.

Of course, if the data handled by the analyst are real, it seems that times are still top of the already Apple.

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