Friday, November 30, 2012

The iPad and the iPhone continue to dominate the Internet traffic Tablets

top 15 fabricantes El iPad y el iPhone siguen dominando el tráfico de tablets en Internet

The mobile advertising company Millennial Media has just published a report that reflects the amounts of ad impressions displayed on each platform.

Apple has long dominated this type of lists and in the third quarter of 2012, according to data from Millennial Media and still is.

The iPhone and iPad are still the kings of Internet

According to the report, Apple accounted for 31% of total impressions and the iPhone has maintained its position as number one in the segment of mobile phones, with a share of 16% of total impressions.

Android really captured the largest number of impressions when it comes to operating systems with 52% of the total, but this amount was divided into lots of different terminals and not just one as with the Apple iPhone. According to the report, 15 of the top 20 devices were Android mobile operating system.

top 5 tablets El iPad y el iPhone siguen dominando el tráfico de tablets en Internet

For the segment of tablets analyze and weigh more than 100 different devices, the iPad surpassed all others and is ranked as the number one.

The report also compares the adoption of iOS 5 in the same quarter last year, with the adoption of iOS 6 in 2012.

"Both iOS 5 and iOS 6 saw rapid adoption rates in our platform during the first month after its release. Prints on both operating systems grew approximately 4100% during the first week. iOS 6 yet levels of growth was much higher. On average, iOS 6 volumes of impressions achieved 1200% greater than those obtained iOS 5 during the first few weeks. "

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