Sunday, November 25, 2012

The iPad and iPhone become a leading web traffic on Thanksgiving

According, Android begins to gradually dominate the smartphone market in terms of number of sales terminals, which eventually had to happen. However, today we will ask what about web traffic comes from mobile devices, as we have done on many other occasions.

And as in the past, is that iOS continues to lead with enough lead this statistic, coupled with the action of the iPad and iPhone. In fact, during the day U.S. Thanksgiving and Black Friday later, we can say that Apple devices eclipsed the competition as far as online shopping is concerned.

It is supported by IBM study Digital Analytics Benchmarks and shows how Internet shopping through soared during those days. Specifically, up to 24 percent of those who visited online stores, it did so through a mobile device like the iPad or iPhone, ten points more than last year.

iphone ipad lideres trafico 628x350 El iPad y el iPhone vuelven a liderar el tráfico web en Acción de Gracias

Meanwhile, if we look at successful purchases on the web, the mobile access rate rose from 9.8 percent to 16 percent, another increase just remarkable.

Now the figure is as follows spectacular. In the segment of tablets, the iPad brought together more than 88 percent of web traffic during those days of great intensity on purchases. This means that the remaining tablets were left with just over 10 percent of total traffic, giving a good indication of how comfortable it is handled with their interfaces.

These statistics are not new. Perhaps with other metrics, Android will be winning the game for iOS, but not so when we look at web traffic. What do you think of this data?

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