Friday, November 9, 2012

The iPad 4 has better graphics than the Sony PS Vita

playvita 561x350 El iPad 4 tiene mejores gráficos que la PS Vita de Sony

The company has done some tests AnandTech GPU and overall performance of the PlayStation Vita and the iPad in April, earning a surprising result. The iPad 4 exceeds gráficament and talking to the Sony PlayStation Vita.

Logically speaking only of graphics power. The PS Vita is a device designed for the sole purpose of playing, which the iPad does not, so the gameplay is superior in the Sony handheld console. Yet it is a fact that attracts attention. Sony's console was launched in February 2012 and was heralded as the most powerful handheld console market. And so it remains, since the iPad is not a console.

As we say, the Sony console gameplay surpasses the Apple iPad to be simulated and physical controls on the screen. In addition, the catalog of games console Sony is also larger, but increasingly have more games available on the App Store. Developers know that iOS is a good way to promote their games, so that more is scheduled to Apple's operating system.

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