Friday, November 16, 2012

The high data consumption iOS 6 could be caused by streaming audio

consumo datos ios 6 El alto consumo de datos de iOS 6 podrĂ­a estar causado por el audio en streaming

Generally, it is advisable to have our devices software updated to the latest version. This usually add functionality or at least solve problems identified in the application or operating system. But there are times where updates also cause new bugs.

Perhaps the best thing is to wait a few days after its launch, see the impressions of people after a few days using the new version and then update us.

Apple is not free from such problems and usually when they release an update to iOS that problems arise gradually being solved. For iOS 6 has detected a problem with an increase in consumption of a device data after upgrading to this version of the system.

Failure to streaming audio playback might be causing the increase in data consumption

Apparently the problem stems from a failure when playing audio files in streaming. Instead of downloading the file and play it, the device makes multiple downloads of the same, which is an increase of data traffic consumed from the device, increasing battery usage, and the provider's file, up consumption data from their servers.

Thanks to this last point, the file provider, has discovered this problem, since after detecting a huge increase data consumption of its servers and make a complaint to your Internet access provider, found that the problem lay in the iOS devices 6.

Apparently, Apple has managed to fix the error and the latest operating system, iOS 6.0.1 this problem is solved. Are you still with iOS 6? You have not upgraded to the latest version? Well you're taking, as this excessive consumption data could be a higher bill your mobile operator if your rate is not flat.

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