Friday, November 16, 2012

The Google Maps app for iOS may be nearly complete

google maps ios La aplicación de Google Maps para iOS podría estar casi terminada

Almost since the day we heard that Apple would replace its own Google Maps mapping system began to hear rumors that the Mountain View company could present its own map application for iOS, as happened with the implementation of Youtube.

The new Google Maps app for iOS might be being tested

The rumors have intensified as the weeks passed and virtually anytime it said the Google solution would be available before the end of the year. You only need one and a half to finish the year and it seems that Google already doing extensive testing with the application.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Google has distributed its new iOS mapping application with some people outside their campus so they can do tests and eliminate possible errors in the Google Maps app for iOS that in addition to the functions and had previously, will also turn navigation, ie, guided navigation as including the Apple Maps or Google Maps on Android devices.

If this information is real, and coming from the source that is should be, it seems that Google will soon present the application to the responsible application of the Apple AppStore for acceptance into the shop and we can all enjoy it in our devices. The question is: Will Apple accept?

Meanwhile in Cupertino, Eddy Cue is the new manager of Apple maps and the information we receive seems to have been working hard to improve the company's maps and we're happy users and we use them relocate unpleasant surprises. Apparently Cue team and himself have met on several occasions to put things together and try to improve the maps as soon as possible.

Will you allow Apple to Google Maps comes to the AppStore or want what users continue using their maps, at least for some time? It would not be unreasonable to think this. If the application now appears in Google Maps possibly the great mass of users currently using Maps Apple would switch to Google maps, but maybe Apple has more time to improve their maps are able to retain more users.

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