Monday, November 19, 2012

The game on Foxconn that Apple removed it launched on Android devices

Screen Shot 2012 11 19 at 1.25.50 PM El juego sobre Foxconn que Apple retirĂ³ es lanzado en dispositivos Android

'In a Permanent Save State' is a game that Apple "snuck it" by the App Store and not liked in Cupertino. The reason? The title was based on the suicides of workers in Foxconn factories to criticize the actions of large corporations such as Apple, Sony, Nintendo and Dell. The game came to see the light in the App Store, but after hundreds of thousands of downloads, Apple withdrew its content.

This week, 'In a Permanent Save State' has been released in a more open platform for all applications and games: Android, which is already garnering great success. It is an action game with the protagonist, but we found great critical load. It drove seven Foxconn employees who have lost their lives and they have to go through different scenarios related to Eastern culture, which reflects on the life and death.

'In a Permanent Save State' is available only on Android.

Source- Google Play Store

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