Sunday, November 4, 2012

The first iPad Mini installed in a car

Is there anyone who has not heard of the departure of iPad Mini ? The new apple tablet only takes a few days with us, and already love equally to Apple fans and those who never had much attention the apple company.

Thanks to the great community that have Apple devices behind gradually let us see occurring uses for this new member of the family iPad. And its size, hitherto unpublished, results in certain applications that until now were not efficient.

ipad mini instalado coche 468x350 El primer iPad Mini instalado en un coche

Specifically, today we bring you a very useful function. These buyers of iPad Mini embed it occurred to them in the dashboard of his Toyota Corolla. To do this, have manufactured a clamping sleeve perfectly safe leaving your tablet.

What use can have this? For starters, as GPS screen, if you install any of the programs available in the App Store, or if we trust guides map application that brings integrated Apple iOS 6.

However, they can also link the iPad Mini car with Bluetooth, so you can listen to your music library with high quality. Of course, should not be distracted driving touchscreen and stay focused on the road.

Then we leave a video showing how the invention is.

He has been so good that these guys have to sell your idea for anyone who wants to have in your car. What do you think they look? Is it much better than a 9.7-inch iPad, right? Do any of you dare to ride in your car?

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