Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The drop in Apple stock slows and begins to rise

apple acciones La caĆ­da en bolsa de Apple se frena y empieza a subir

In recent weeks, the market price of Apple has not stopped falling. Though it seems that gradually recovering and investors have faith again.

Yesterday, Apple closed with a share value of $ 565.73. In total shares soared $ 38.05, or what is the same 7.21%, its second biggest rise daily dollar since 1984. Still far from reaching the figures for the month of September, with a maximum of $ 705.07, but it is a good sign that investors buy stocks again and regain confidence in Apple long term. Especially after these eight weeks with repeated drops.

The value of Apple shares was yesterday's second largest daily rise since 1984

The present value of Apple is 532.000.000.000 $, compared to almost $ 660 billion reached in September. The sell-off of shares caused a drop Apple market capitalization of almost a quarter. Something a little odd, but apparently not at all unusual.

For starters, institutional investors and funds decided to take advantage of the high value of the shares of Apple. Some people also wanted to do business before the tax increase to be U.S. in 2013 and even Apple execs wanted to seize the moment.

In addition, both Apple's latest quarterly results were not able to meet expectations, what worried investors who expected better sales of iPad, as well as worry that the iPad mini is priced too low.

All this has caused a sell-off of shares, which has made the value of Apple drop suddenly.

Apparently, the real reason for the recovery of Apple, is a series of reports from analysts who believe Apple has a very promising future and has been undervalued in recent weeks.

During the last decade, Apple's stock dropped a premedio usually over one per cent in December, although in January forturna gain an average of three percent, so it seems that the "tradition" repeats this year.

One thing is clear, when everyone sells the stock value falls and when everyone wants to buy the value rises.

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