Monday, November 5, 2012

The comparison between the iPad and iPhone 5 mini

The iPad Mini is fine in size between the iPad and the new iPhone 5, fits like the first Apple tablet that is more like a mobile. Some of Apple's customers have stayed out buying the iPad Mini, because they think that it is very similar in specifications to any iOS. However this is a device that users need to get their hands in order to understand why you might want a second or third Apple mobile device.

Here we explain the differences you can find between the two new devices from Apple, the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

The iPad is a very popular device, but is large enough to have to leave it at home, and use a laptop computer is a device, which although slightly larger, is more complete for use in school or in the job. This leaves too unused iPads, relegating these to stay home.

The new iPad Mini is a totally different story. This is small enough to fit in the pocket of our jacket and light enough to carry it everywhere without thinking twice. Users of the new iPad, will decide to take this Mini, before even that smartphones and computers.

As we can see in the picture above, the iPad and the MacBook Air 11 "have similar footprints and further dwarf the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini vs iPhone 5

The iPad Mini, has a screen of 7.9 ", which is huge compared to the iPhone 5, but it can accommodate the same amount of content in it, as the larger iPad. The new iPad Mini has the same applications as those with all iPad, including the extended version of iTunes, so it is still easy to navigate through the content compared to the iPhone 5, which is a much smaller screen.

The display of the iPad Mini is too small to serve as a replacement to the laptop. This screen is good for watching movies on conditions. In fact the iPad Mini is preferable compared to the standard iPad as it makes you more comfortable to hold this device, as it is much thinner and lighter.

The new iPad is thinner Mini

The iPad Mini is only 7.2 mm thick, which is 0.4 mm thinner than the iPhone 5 and 2.2 mm thinner than the standard iPad 9.4mm. The size always matters when it comes to mobility and Apple seems to have achieved a perfect balance with the iPad Mini. It has the same footprint as other tablets, but with finer screens that will make you more comfortable.

There are plenty of things you can not do with the iPhone, such as importing photos from SD card from the camera, which is something that one can do with the iPad Mini.

What do you think about the iPad Mini size and weight? Will Apple has done better than the standard iPad? Will the new iPhone is good enough for you?

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