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The chip A6X known for its graphics processor

rendimiento A6X Apple 490x350 El chip A6X destaca por su procesador gráfico

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 discovered that he had been included in the A6 chip, chip that has been shown in tests to be a real beast, despite retaining the two cores instead of 4 cores have passed, as have most rivals the iPhone 5.

Updating the iPad 3 has served for an improved version of this chip inside the A6X. The difference between the A6 and A6X model is that the former includes three graphics cores, while the A6X includes four and a different model.

powervr gpu comparison a6x 527x350 El chip A6X destaca por su procesador gráfico

As you can see in the table, the iPhone 5 uses the PowerVR SGX 543MP3 model, while the iPad 4 uses the PowerVR SGX 554MP4 model includes a core plus more. And not only changes the name, following the chart you can see that the graphics processor of the iPhone 5 has a power of 28.8 Gflops, while the iPad 4 shoots his power to no less than 76.8 Gflops.

Perhaps these technical data will tell us much, but, for example, this means that the iPad 3 can run an application as Egypt HD to an average of 25 fps, while the iPad 4 is capable of running the same application at 52 fps, ie more than twice.

This change has no processor Apple whim. Practically we could say they've been forced to make the change. Why? Because e l iPad 3 was not able to run a game at the native resolution of the Retina display, so developers had to use techniques such as antialiasing to avoid sawteeth appear in games.

 El chip A6X destaca por su procesador gráfico

If you have an iPad 3 is possible that you have noticed that the games do not seem to look better on the screen of your iPad Retina in any other version of the Apple tablet. This is because what you just explained. Now, with the new processor A6X, the iPad 4 is powerful enough to run games with the native resolution of the Retina display, so I just need some developer launch some specific game for the iPad 4.

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