Friday, November 2, 2012

The changes we might see in iOS after the departure of Forstall

Screen Shot 2012 11 02 at 12.13.38 PM Los cambios que podrĂ­amos ver en iOS tras la marcha de Forstall

Ive vs. Forstall, a fight with a clear winner: Jonathan Ive, who this week has managed to strengthen his position at Apple to become ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to the design in the company. The creator of iOS, Scott Forstall, will have to leave his post at Apple after being confronted for years with other vice presidents. The reason for the differences of opinion can find precisely on design issues.

Forstall, like Steve Jobs, were in favor of implementing a design 'skeuomorfo' applications for Apple iOS and software for Macs. It is a style that embodies antique touches to the most recently created objects. Have you ever wondered why the application design as Passbook, or Podcasts Game Center seems so obsolete? The reason this type of style is applied by Forstall and Jobs.

Apple uses the old table tops for design based on Game Center or in ancient writers to show the application of Podcasts. Another example would be to store bookshelves modern iBooks or eBooks. A vision that other vice presidents, as Jonathan Ive, did not share at all. After the death of Jobs, Forstall was left alone to danger being absolute and sole supporter of this style.

With his departure from the company and the new role of Jonathan Ive are convinced that all these applications undergo changes in its design and even the iOS could give us some surprises next year with the release of version 7.

What side do you stand? Jonathan Ive vs. Scott Forstall.

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