Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The CEO of Time Warner is committed to Apple TV

jeff bewkes El CEO de Time Warner apuesta por la televisiĆ³n de Apple

Currently U.S. viewers have to deal with hundreds of TV channels, presented in an interface that encourages everything except navigate. And not to speak of the two or three remote controls that have always placed beside the sofa and dozens of cables. Steve Jobs had intentions of changing this and so announced in his official biography.

During the Conference IGNITION, Business Insider, when Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner, has been asked about his opinion about the possible Apple TV. He did not hesitate to express their great interest:

"I hope the manufacture. Apple is a great company when producing devices. Since Apple showed great skills when designing interfaces and navigation. "

We know that at least one U.S. company and testing the Apple TV. Surely the journalist who made the question was meant to find out if Time Warner already aware of the existence of the device.

Article Time Warner CEO commitment to Apple TV was originally published in News iPhone .

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