Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Barclays 8500 iPad purchase for their offices in the UK

barclays El banco Barclays compra 8.500 iPad para sus oficinas en Reino Unido

The bank based in the UK, Barclays has asked Apple a whopping 8,500 units of iPad to use in their main branches of their country. It is believed that this is one of the largest orders of iPad finance sector in the UK.

Barclays would prefer the iPad for their branches in United Kingdom

Barclay A spokesman said the company staff had called the bank that the iPad tablet was chosen. According to them, after investigating several options, concluded that the iPad was the tablet that best suited their needs and that the intention is to use it to help branches where customers can interact with it and improve its experience.

The bank did not specify the model of iPad would buy, but if that was the 16GB model of iPad 2 which is still available, we are talking about an order of about 2.8 million pounds ($ 4.4 million ). Certainly a pretty big order, so hopefully Apple will have a detail and make some sort of discount.

Apple's continued growth in the business world must be a blow to Microsoft. The company created the Office has always had a special place in this world, but is gradually losing its hegemony. The just launched Surface Microsoft might be perfect for Barclays in the hardware section, but the software still has a long way to go before it can be considered useful for the business market.

mac empresa El banco Barclays compra 8.500 iPad para sus oficinas en Reino Unido

Since then, Apple has to be extremely happy with the result that they are giving the iPad and the iPhone in the enterprise market. Gradually they are opening the doors of many businesses. It is increasingly common to see Macs in business and even in stores where used as POS. Certainly, the time is going by Apple is very special and the company should make the most to further increase its market share, both in business and in particular.

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