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The agreement between HTC and Apple would break if one is sold

htc apple1 El acuerdo entre HTC y Apple se rompería si alguna es vendida

Little by little we know details of agreement between HTC and Apple for the use of patents . So far we knew that the two companies had signed a peace deal 10 years. In this agreement state that any of the companies suing each other for infringement of patents and licensed the use of its patents. Furthermore, it was discovered that HTC would have to pay an undisclosed amount to Apple (rumored to be between 6 and $ 8) per phone that the company sells.

Now they have discovered new terms of the agreement. Apparently did not want to leave anything to chance and one of the points of the peace agreement says that if a company is bought by another and change the persons responsible will automatically terminate the contract. That is, in case of change of control in any of the companies signed peace will break, unless the policy change before it reaches an agreement with the new address.

The agreement would break if some company changes ownership

Besides this, it has been found that the arrangement does not affect HTC simply, but also extends to other brands directed by the same persons or VIA Technologies S3 Graphics.

These three brands: VIA, S3 and HTC are the same as the current owner, a group called Formosa Plastics. Since then the world of technology is not widely known by that name, but is actually a very powerful Taiwanese group. His main interests are biotechnology, petrochemical processing and production of electronic components. At the time of this writing, Formosa Plastics is one of the ten largest petrochemical producers in the world.

The group was founded by Wang Yung-ching, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Taiwan, along with his brother Wang Yung-tsai. The conglomerate is controlled by Wenchi Chen as CEO and current chairman is Lee-tsuen Chic.

The details of the contract between the two parties really are private, but Samsung asked the judge to know the details of the agreement. Initially Samsung gave Apple a text with only 33 words, but the judge forced the Cupertino company to disclose the agreement in its entirety to the competing company. It seems that Samsung has to stick their noses into everything he does Apple.

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