Friday, November 16, 2012

The 10 Apps that should not miss on your iPhone

I am a big fan of iPhone, and a good user of this wonderful phone, I have always installed a number of apps, most of them free. I know many criticaréis some applications that I describe in this post today, but the entire ocean of app that offers Apple Store, is best suited to my lifestyle.

Top 10 - Appsfire Deals

In my top 10, this magnificent and the recent implementation of Appsfire Deals.

A good way to get paid apps, totally free is this. Here you will have a range of applications for which normally pay that for a period of time (1-30 days) are free.

Best of all, it's free and every day you have new applications and games to download.

Its operation is very simple, just open it and sailed for its simple interface, where you show by categories daily specials on all kinds of Apps.

Top 9 - Find My iPhone

One of the enhanced applications that will incorporate the Apple iOS in June, is to look at Apple. Look for your iPhone from your MacBook, iMac, iPad, or iPod.

Throwing a GPS signal to any of your other devices, tells them the exact spot where it is. You can also make your device beeps faster to find, as long as it is connected to a WiFi network. You do not have to find excuses for your iPhone, if you have lost it.

Top 8 - Friends

Another noteworthy application, Friends follows the structure of Google Latitude, and includes an application, where to locate your friends.

The grace of this application is that you know where the person, and ask the same iPhone prompted.

A kind of social network where everyone is connected to everyone, and you know where each friend at all times. It has had mixed reviews, but if we fail to a malicious site is a good way to know your position, without having to give long explanations.

Top 7 - Passbook

And we continue with new applications iOS6 improved. Passbook a very useful application, computerized everything's okay. But that is beginning to be very helpful.

Practically, prevents entry have to print or air ticket you bought online. Simply open a code that you send to your email, and directly appear in this application. Once you add that entry, boarding passes, discount coupons, just go to that establishment, station, cinema, etc., and show the bar code that shows you the application.

Soon we will see in Apple Store, the various shops that offer this service.

Top 6 - Instagram

Spreading an image has never been easier. Instagram connects you directly with your circles, share photo and images.

Also includes an image editor, to be able to give a more personal touch to your photo. One of the most used applications for all users who share your photos with Facebook and Twitter.

Top 5 - Cyclemeter

We arrived in the middle of the table, intersante app for sports fans, Bicycle.

Very complete and Get interested for when you go for a run, walk, or ride a bike. I shows the course, you have taken time, your average speed, the highest and the lowest, even stoppages by the way you do. Besides this, I compare the current previous outings, and shows you some statistics as is your physical performance.

It's expensive, but worth having it.

Top - 4 - Facebook and Twitter App App

Important applications if you are someone who has their profiles daily. Every time you let do the same things from your computer.

Post a photo at the time, a state, or where you are, not a problem. The most current applications are Twitter who has recently been modified to look like the web, and the ability to have multiple accounts on your iPhone connected. And no doubt the Facebook app, which greatly increasing accessibility improvements to your profile and ease when making new posts in your profile.

Top - 3 - Facetime

And for me the best of Apple's FaceTime app, an application for real-time video calls manterne, recently improved, for talks, even connected to your 3G.

You only need a data rate or a wireless network, to have fun seeing and talking with your friends, and family for free.

Come along to our iOS in the iPhone integrated with the system of calls to our contacts. And in other Apple devices in the form of application. You can use with iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook and iMac.

Top - 2 - SuperTruper

SuperTruper, a very complete application with its latest update, which will allow us, research products, and we show a comparison of the chosen product in different supermarkets in which the product is sold.

To search for products, we can search for a product by name, or by a sophisticated system that consists of reading barcodes for each product, and then you all detailed product information.

Also includes the option to create a shopping list, so you do not forget anything you need in the pantry.

Top - 1 - Whatsapp

One of the best applications to communicate without having to call or send an SMS. Whatsapp allows us to have conversations with one or more contacts from our agenda. A good way to save on our rate. We added the ability to send video, photos, and our position.

I must also mention that in the latest update of Apple's iOS, iMessage is incorporated, allowing us to do almost the same as whatsapp, but as a message free with the only disadvantage that could only be used between Apple devices.

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