Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Take a FREE iPhone 5 by ClickPost

sorteoiphone5 650x303 Llévate un iPhone 5 totalmente GRATIS gracias a Clickpost

Win a FREE iPhone 5 with ClickPost

Our friends ClickPost, the platform that allows you to group all your bills electronically and make our lives a little easier, circumvent an iPhone 5 for free. To participate in this giveaway just need to have an account on Facebook and reside in Spain ... The process is very fast is easy!

Steps to participate in the draw of the iPhone 5

1 - Enter the following link

IPhone 5 Giveaway

Important Note: Do not forget to become a fan of ClickPost. It is a mandatory step in order to participate in the draw.

2. - Click or tap on the "Join" button (it's a pretty big orange button)

3. - Fill in the required fields, accept the rules and ...

4 .. - Ready! Already participating!

What is ClickPost?

Themselves we have:

Ending the pile of unopened letters that we build at home each month.

This is the aim of ClickPost, a free service that frees us from the drudgery of reviewing and sorting the mail. Invoices, receipts, contracts, policies ... are important documents that should have on hand at any time. Through can now receive and ranked them all easily, automatically and securely. Invoices issued companies like Movistar, Vodafone, Endesa and Gas Natural-Fenosa are some that are already available. This innovative system will also save tons of paper and reduce the ecological impact.

Society has evolved a lot in recent times. Rose from landline to mobile and the GPS map, however, the way in which they manage the household bills has not changed despite all the new possibilities offered by technology. Envelopes and bills are piling up in drawers, waiting to be archived often without even knowing its contents. ClickPost wants to be the logical solution to this problem, providing a centralized management system through the network to automate the archiving of invoices and allows the user to control costs and easily find any document when you need it, either from the computer or mobile. And again, for free.

For suppliers, this service saves on shipping costs, but most of them offer a neutral environment in which to interact with their customers and offer products that are of interest: on the same page that displays each invoice, the supplier may deliver new services or improvements to its customers, while avoiding the term expires promotions because of the postal service delays or difficulty in keeping up to date all the paperwork. All this without the extensive role that savings would eliminate the large number of bills that are handled daily.

This is an innovative project led by a team of entrepreneurs in Barcelona, ​​which starts in Spain with a global. It aims to incorporate increasingly functionalities that will control all aspects of the relationship between individuals and their suppliers. Lines customer, personal finance and claim bills are just some examples.

How about this great initiative ClickPost? And your service? Tell us in the comments!

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