Saturday, November 24, 2012

Studio Neat Glif Tripod announces iPhone 5

Studio Neat has announced via an email, which is now available for iPhone Glif tripod 5. We already knew the Glif Tripod for iPhone 4/4 S, but now offers two models for the iPhone 5: Traditional Glif tripod and tripod Glif +.

In the email communicated to users already can book the new units Glif Tripod and will be sent next week. Also personalized the message saying that the new version is as above, but simply adapted to the generation of the 5.

The traditional Glif iPhone 5 costs $ 20 (about 15 €) and Glif + $ 30 (about 23 €). The first one includes the tripod itself, and the second includes tripod, Serif (providing more security to your device, and works as a strong support) and Ligature (which offers the possibility of joining the Glif to your keychain).

Undoubtedly, the Glif tripod has been, since the introduction in 2010, one of the projects on Kickstarter promoted more successfully. And, it seems, will remain so.

You usually buy? Any accessory for your iPhone camera? What do you think of this?

You can learn more about both models in this link .

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