Friday, November 9, 2012

Storm the Train: mass destruction on the train in the new game from Chillingo

Storm the Train is the new game from Chillingo that I strongly recommend if you like arcade games to kill without stopping. On this occasion, as the name suggests, we will advance through different trains (each with its setting and enemy types) eliminating all bug "living" we are.

Start with Zombies and other mythical beasts, to continue and pursue murderers robots Ninjas. In each of the trains will find different types of enemies, some easy to remove and others who make things a little more difficult, not counting the bosses that we will be appearing.

According to advance and win money, we can improve our characters (there are three different choices) and buy new weapons and robots "helpers" that will make us easier task to survive and destroy everything.

Besides killing, we must fulfill various missions such as hostage rescue, getting a particular coin or a type of enemies eliminated, this will allow us to earn stars and best modifications to qualify as special armor, "bike" or jetpacks.

The game is free, but we can buy coins with real money directly from the game store.

It is also universal, so you can play it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Nice graphics, wacky gameplay, simple controls and fun. What grade are you able to get? Our current record is 139,593 :)

Storm the Train

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