Monday, November 26, 2012

Steve Jobs Autograph on a chip

steve jobs joven Autógrafo de Steve Jobs en un chip

Steve Jobs was a person who had a different mind. I did not see things the same way we see the demos and its behavior was also radically different.

From what we know about Steve, had only two ways of looking at things and people: either hated or looked extremely wonderful. For him there was no middle ground and often this will cause problems, but sometimes helped him achieve his success.

From the first time Apple wanted care products were up to the smallest detail, was a tremendously perfectionist and a person who was very good at convincing people.

Like any other company, the beginnings of Apple was not easy. Jobs and Wozniak were young and had no experience in the business world, but still managed to create great products, something that led them to get fame and money rather quickly.

Steve Jobs acknowledged a letter with a ROM chip autographed

carta steve jobs Autógrafo de Steve Jobs en un chip

Right now home of the brand, and fans got their first and Steve Jobs began to show how he could do things differently. Jobs wanted to send a response to a letter that Apple was giving encouragement and declaring his satisfaction towards the Apple computer he had bought and did it with a letter. But the letter could not be normal Jobs, Apple co-founder said the letter a ROM chip with his autograph.

Without doubt, the surprise of the person who wrote the letter when he received the letter had to be capitalized Jobs Will retain the chip with good signature? Surely it would be worth to a collector enough money.

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