Thursday, November 8, 2012

Star Wars Angry Birds is now available for iPhone and iPad

Dessde few minutes ago, Angry Birds Star Wars is available on the App Store in its version for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad (as usual Rovio in separate games ...). This version of the famous game, the birds are placed on the skin of the character of the space saga, acquiring new powers to remove the evil Empire.

The game will tell the story of the original trilogy, starting with the moment when Darth Vader captures Leia after stealing the plans for the Death Star. From there, we will learn the different characters of the saga, as Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi. For the first time the birds will be learning skills as the screen that are, for example, Luke begins the adventure without lightsaber and it takes some screens later in the story.

The gameplay mixes classic Angry Birds Angry Birds Space, so we find normal or screen with gravity on planets with orbits.'s Atmosphere, music, transitions, locations and characters, we will dive into the series, which will place through 80 initial levels, even knowing how it works Rovio, Angry Birds certainly have Star Wars for a while :) .

Besides the two worlds by default (Tatooine and the Death Star), we can achieve the level of "Path of the Jedi" with 40 levels, with Luke and Yoda for € 1.79.

Angry Birds Star Wars | Star Wars Angry Birds HD

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