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Sony still dreams of dethroning the iPhone

sony make Sony sigue soñando con destronar al iPhone

In the past Sony and Ericsson have teamed up to try to compete in the growing world of mobile technology. Sony later decided he'd rather fly only in this way. Bought out Ericsson with which he had associated and Sony Mobile Communications was born. A division of the Japanese giant that focuses exclusively on the mobile phone market.

Slowly Sony has been positioning itself in this very competitive market and it seems that the intention of the company today is to create a device that achieves unseat the iPhone, but according to statements by the head of the division of Sony, the next major terminal the company also born to compete with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, perhaps the only terminal (with permission of the Google Nexus 4) that today can compete directly with the iPhone 5 from Apple.

Sony goes for the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII

Can Sony compete with the iPhone and the Galaxy SIII? It is certainly a very difficult task, but it seems that Sony has something ready to be launched next year. A serious commitment to compete on equal terms with these two major players in the market of mobile telephony.

Don Reisinger of CNET was the first to publish information about this device. Come Schie Dennis, the head of the mobile division of Sony said: "Sony will create, in the near future, a flagship that can compete with Apple's iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy SIII" a phrase indicating that currently believe their flagship terminal is not up to par, but they hoped the next Yes it is.

However, it seems that Sony does not want to put all your eggs in one basket and it seems they are valued using Windows Phone 8 in the near future. Sony is watching the development of the operating system and it seems that for now they are liking what they are seeing.

Although Dennis did not want to give more details on the possible competitor of the iPhone and the Galaxy SIII, rumors are saying that a device is codenamed Odin, could be the next big handset from Sony. In addition the company more or less confirming the rumor ended with the publication of a press release which spoke of Sony Xperia C650X Odin, but for now it is not known if Dennis was referring to when he said that this phone had something in mind to compete with major players in the smartphone market.

Xperia Odin Sony sigue soñando con destronar al iPhone

With a design similar to HTC Droid J Butterfly and DNA, the Odin is believed to have a 1080p full HD display with five-inch diagonal and 440ppi. 13-megapixel camera and Snapdragon S4 processor quad core at 1.5 GHz Furthermore, the device include 2GB of RAM.

Hopefully Sony will not try to unseat the iPhone using the set of specifications. Several have tried it and failed miserably. As they say, power without control is not worth anything.

At the moment it is not known whether or not the Xperia Odin is the device that Sony wants to respond to iPhone and the Galaxy SIII, but soon discover as the phone will be exhibited at CES and MWC, two important technology fairs be held during the first quarter of next year.

We do not know if Sony can achieve its objective and fight Apple and Samsung devices or, at least, get to position itself as a manufacturer of smartphones pointer, but hopefully he gets it. At the end of the day, the larger the direct competition, more efforts will have to continue selling companies to their terminals and make more and better innovations.

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