Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Walmart employees are filmed throwing iPad before selling

This is one reason why it is a good idea to thoroughly review your iPad as you open the box to get home. As a device in which we have spent a good amount of money, you can demand the highest quality when reach us.

Today it has raised a stir when a leaked video in which some employees of Walmart, the famous chain stores in the United States, launched into the air and thrown to the ground the newcomers iPad store. Of course, these devices will be offered for sale to unsuspecting customers acquire their usual price.

empleados tirando ipad Unos empleados de Walmart se filman lanzando iPad antes de venderlos

In the pictures you can see how the mistreatment of boxes is premeditated, and do not really know what to answer such behavior. In fact, rummage among the material come to the store to find the iPad so you can play with them.

What we do know is that these four employees involved in the case have already been dismissed. Imagine the bad image that brings this video to Walmart chain, most likely seen their sales in electronics descended sharply.

empleados tirando ipad 2 628x350 Unos empleados de Walmart se filman lanzando iPad antes de venderlos

Of course, this warning applies to all retail chains of devices, and any product capable of falling and breaking. It hurts to know what is the return policy of the store in which compráis and what it says about the law in your country.

Here's the video. Judge for yourselves:

What do you think of the video? Do you find it amusing, as intended by its creators? Or rather, Does it seem outrageous how little respect they have some work that feeds them?

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