Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So the iPhone 5 looks black two months

Screen Shot 2012 11 27 at 6.50.26 PM Así luce el iPhone 5 negro dos meses después

Did you pick one color black iPhone 5 at launch despite initial complaints of users is bordered warned that easily? Indeed the design of this device is unique, but everything has a price. If you protected your iPhone 5 black with a holster, maybe at this point the phone free of scratches all over the black painted metal surface.

From the website Gizmodo we have two iPhones 5: the left has two months without using any case, on the right is preserved without any brand because it has been protected by a sleeve all along. In short, I finally have to finish covering the design so that the terminal is not damaged.

By contrast, in the target pattern is not occurring in this case. In its day, the Apple vice president of marketing, Philip Schiller, said that this was normal deterioration due to the use it is put to the phone. But normally has rather little: this is the first iPhone in Apple's history that deteriorates faster, without even suffer any falls.

What is your experience with the black colored iPhone 5?

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