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Scott Forstall was one of the most prolific inventors of Apple

scott forstall Scott Forstall fue uno de los inventores más prolíficos de Apple

Since last Monday, Apple announced that Apple left Scott Forstall next year, has started talking about the Apple vice president who has been in charge of iOS since its birth in 2007.

Scott Forstall's name appears in more than 160 Apple patents

Most things I have heard about it, have not exactly been good. He has been described as an abrasive and polarizing person and was also accused of abusing his good relationship with Steve Jobs when he was still at the head of Apple. But this does not mean that it was not a genius and a great asset to the company.

Erin-Michael Gill, director, manager and chief property oficna intelectural of MDB, has hosted people from Business Insider and answered a series of questions. In short, says Scott Forstall name listed as inventor on over 160 patents for Apple, one of the highest figures among all the company names.

This means that Scott Forstall appears more often than any other employee of Apple. A considerably higher than that of Jony Ive, Craig Federighi or Steve Jobs himself, people from now agglutinate tasks formerly occupied Forstall.

inventores apple Scott Forstall fue uno de los inventores más prolíficos de Apple

Many people are happy with the output of the company Forstall and even some of his former teammate held their march, but the reality is that Apple lost a very active person, but with a peculiar personality by the news we have been getting.

Scott Forstall has been relieved of his post as senior vice president of Apple this week and has come to occupy a position of "Special Advisor to the CEO" until their final departure in 2013. Definitely a big loss for the company, but hopefully your gait and temper output is compensated for what they can make their now former teammate.

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