Thursday, November 8, 2012

Samsung is losing orders from Apple

samsung apple Samsung está perdiendo pedidos de Apple

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Apple may stop doing commissions Samsung components for the manufacture of its products. Completing this news is confirmed, would mean that Samsung could lose around 9% of the proceeds from this part of the business of Samsung.

Apple may stop ordering from Samsung

In fact, new reports arrived from Asia, say Samsung may be delaying the construction of a new factory in South Korea for fear that Apple no longer give orders, since in this case the plant would not really be necessary to reach production that the company needs.

If the rumors are true, this could mean that Apple has already reached an agreement with another company to manufacture components and the more likely it is that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).

DigiTimes joins the bandwagon and published this week, that the expected drop in orders caused by the departure of Apple could slow the pace of expansion was proposed and Samsung had announced in June this year.

Analysts believe that TSMC, which is based in the scientific and industrial park in Hsinchu, could become the sole supplier of quad-core chips for Apple and 20 nm by 2014.

iphone galaxy Samsung está perdiendo pedidos de Apple

Currently processors designed by Apple and are integrated into iOS devices are manufactured with 32nm processes Samsung in Austin, Texas. Experts believe that Apple could have opted for TSMC due to its tremendous technological advancement in the manufacturing process of 20nm processors.

However, this jump from 32nm processors Samsung is not free of risks and hazards. Apple faces potential problems of poor performance, defective chips and hardware errors that could cost them billions.

We see all this progress and take decisions in Cupertino. Hopefully no mistake.

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