Thursday, November 15, 2012

Samsung does not want an agreement with Apple as the HTC

iphone vs samsung Samsung no quiere un acuerdo con Apple como el de HTC

After the truce signed between Apple and HTC some have wondered whether this rapprochement between the two companies, it could cause other market players do the same. In recent years, several companies have been immersed in important legal struggles with issues of patents on mobile phone and most of them are those that are related to Apple and Android handset manufacturers.

Samsung will not sign a deal with Apple for the use of patents

Samsung is one of these companies and Apple is currently the team to beat, as it is the number one manufacturer of Android devices, that is, the most important enemy that Apple is currently in the mobile phone market. According to an AFP report, Samsung has no intention of seeking a similar arrangement to that of HTC.

"We have no such intention," said JK Shin, head of Samsung Electronics mobile division, told reporters on Wednesday when asked whether Samsung would seek a deal similar to HTC.

He added that:

"It may be true that HTC has agreed to pay 300 million won ($ 276 million) to Apple, but we intend to (negotiate) at all"

Although the terms of the agreement between HTC and Apple were not disclosed, analysts speculate that HTC will pay between 6 and 8 dollars for each phone sold, representing an approximate figure of between 180 and 280 million dollars a year for the benefit of Apple.

samsung vs apple Samsung no quiere un acuerdo con Apple como el de HTC

The battle between Samsung and Apple has already developed a few years and so far the greatest victory has been to Apple in the U.S., where Samsung has had to pay them $ 1 billion for infringement of its patents. Even being the most resounding victory, not all joy for Apple. For example in the UK the judge considered that Samsung has copied Apple and forced the Cupertino company to publish on its website that Samsung did not infringe the patent design of the iPad with its products.

How will this tremendous battle of titans?

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