Saturday, November 24, 2012

Samsung could stop supplying batteries to Apple

bateria iphone 5 Samsung podría dejar de suministrar baterías a Apple

The drama between Apple and Samsung continues and seems to not end up in a long, long time.

The next installment in this fight between the two giants playing a new component devices: batteries. This time there is no patent problems or the like, but with breaks as client-provider that we have seen other chapters.

Currently there is only a rumor published by China Business News. According to the publication, Samsung SDI's production company subsidiary of Samsung batteries, possibly in retaliation for Apple moves to reduce dependence of Samsung, has withdrawn the sale of batteries to the Cupertino company. They add that companies and Amperex Tianjin Lishen Battery Tecnologhy are those replacing the lack of supply has caused Samsung.

Stories about various retaliatory measures between Samsung and Apple have caught more and more strength, but so far none of it has been confirmed and there is not much evidence on the matter. No doubt Apple would make sense to withdraw orders from Samsung, as many as possible, as it has other partners who would be able to manufacture the components of popular products such as the iPad 4, the iPhone 5 or Mac without any problems and so would give a new blow to Samsung.

For now, this latest rumor has not been confirmed by Samsung, although it denies it is raising prices of processors by 20% and it has terminated the contract manufacturing of screens , as had been rumored for several days.

Apple could find a new battery supplier for its iOS and Mac products

bateria macbook pro retina Samsung podría dejar de suministrar baterías a Apple

Of course, Apple would make little sense to abandon Samsung as a supplier of components. Both companies have been fighting in court over patent infringement issues and Apple could do much pupa to Samsung if he leaves. On the other hand, would not make sense that Samsung stopped working with a client as big as Apple, would be missing a huge workload and financial results would be affected by this "march".

Experts have long been saying that Apple is slowly unraveling of her relationship with Samsung, but otherwise Apple Samsung has always called her "major supplier". Continues to be seen as really all about and if Apple is thinking of breaking relations and work only with other providers.

If this is fulfilled not surprising that Apple would seek more suppliers in Asian countries, as the Cupertino company always works with several suppliers for the same components. Thus it can increase production and in case of failure of one another have to fulfill.

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