Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rumor | Microsoft has a plan to end the iPad Mini

So you think your iPad Mini is the best there is to play when you're away from home. The truth is that, as far as quantity is concerned addictive games, almost any portable console can stand. Another thing to talk about games or AAA blockbuster type, in which the App Store just a few examples that are out of the norm.

In any case, it seems that Microsoft is developing a 7-inch tablet, codenamed "Xbox Surface", which would compete with the iPad Mini in attracting the attention of gamers. It is assumed that this mysterious tablet users would in a few months, always before the Redmond company announced the new Xbox 720, or whatever you call your new console.

microsoft acabar ipad mini 623x350 Rumor | Microsoft tiene un plan para acabar con el iPad Mini

The Verge The website informs us that this mysterious tablet for gamers would not be a simple copy of Microsoft Surface reduced. In fact, take an ARM processor designed specifically for Intel as well as a good amount of RAM. Your Windows operating system will be a trimmed and optimized to run games. Although of course, also allow some other typical options for tablets, such as surfing the Internet, checking email or watching videos.

This new device would be manufactured in a factory aa Microsoft's own surrounded by large security measures to avoid leakage. In fact, early testing may already be taking place among a small number of employees.

What do you think this initiative from Microsoft? Will compete with the iPad Mini on what games to offer quality concerns?

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