Monday, November 19, 2012

Red Bull Playgrounds: the social application of Red Bull to explore places where sports

Playgrounds Red Bull is an application-style social network, allowing us to have access to a comprehensive database of places for sport and leisure, both in our area and around the world.

In this way we discover new routes to ride or do running, skate practice areas, situations and dates official competitions or surfing beaches, among many other sports and events, besides being able to create our own for the whole world has access.

As with any social network we have friends, see their activities, routes, photos, etc..

Furthermore, we see the various sports professionals, as Adam Raga, Marc Coma, Kirsten Sweetland or Max Stöckl and preferred routes of some of them.

That if, when bike routes, for example, you are missing the full information (on the map), located only appears as the starting point.

Of course, the application is free and compatible with the iPhone 5, so if you are sports fans or discover new places, you can certainly take advantage.

Also be accessed from the computer to view our profile or create routes more easily, from site Red Bull Playgrounds .

Red Bull Playgrounds

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