Monday, November 19, 2012

Recent studies are extremely optimistic for Apple

ipad mini5 Recientes estudios son tremendamente optimistas en favor de Apple

The iPad Mini and takes time on the market, more than enough for many people to know and have formed an opinion about the device.

It is also long enough to begin to publish the first research and consumer surveys about their interests on the device. People of Cowen and Co has done a survey on the intention to purchase tablets in the coming months.

Good times ahead for Apple

The study was conducted with 1,225 adults in the U.S. and it is extracted that 12% plan to buy one of the new iPad mini in the next 18 months. Also, if we dig a little further, we see that more than half of people who plan to buy an iPad in the coming months this would be their first tablet. Only 16.6% said they intend to buy the iPad mini was to replace another device and from that small amount, only 29% said the iPad mini iPad would replace another (probably the original iPad in many cases).

If we all, from people who are thinking of buying a mini iPad, only 5% say it will be to replace a previous iPad. The vast majority are buying an iPad mini as the first tablet, a tablet as a replacement for another brand or to grow your collection of tablets.

With these figures in hand, it seems that Apple is getting the new device will not cannibalize sales of the full-screen iPad, although it is so, it is always better to be a product of the company itself which leads to sales party to do so. But in this case it seems that Apple is going to increase their sales without disturbance to sales of the 10-inch screen.

The Wall Street Journal was concerned about the issue of reducing gross profit margin. As we know, the margins to work with the Apple iPad case mini are inferior to other devices and this worried the publication. To some extent, the falling value of the shares may be caused by this perception. Now, thanks to this survey it seems that things could change and still maintain Apple iPad sales of 9.7 inches and also add to their profits by selling the benefits of the iPad mini, which would be perfectly suited for the company.

In addition to this study, published today a pretty interesting. There is so related to the iPad, but rather with computers. Specifically, it seems that Windows 7 users are reluctant to adopt Windows 8 on their computers. Apparently 16% of Windows users plan to buy a U.S. computer soon. The survey shows that 68% plan to buy another Windows, 30% an iPad and a Mac 12%

ipad Recientes estudios son tremendamente optimistas en favor de Apple

This result shows that 42% of the U.S. market, plans to buy Apple products, something extremely good for the Cupertino company, but not for Microsoft and the rest of the competition.

Together, these two studies are extremely optimistic for Apple. The tablet market is still in an early stage of growth and iOS has a good position to capture a large market share.

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