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Rates and prices of iPhone 5 in Mexico

iPhone5Mexico 534x350 Tarifas y precios del iPhone 5 en México

Only 3 days ago the iPhone 5 will be launched in Mexico. So, taking advantage that we have many readers from Latin America, we decided to write this article that will explain all the prices of iPhone 5 as the operator of your choice. We should note that, according to some users, the iPhone 5 is already exhausted in some specialty shops.


One of the main operators in Mexico. On their website you can find various plans prepared for the Apple iPhone 5. Among all possible combinations, there are only 7 different ways to get the iPhone 5 for free.

Iusacell iPhone 5 precios 650x624 Tarifas y precios del iPhone 5 en México


Another of the country's strongest carriers. Currently there is no official confirmation from the operator, but everything seems to point to offer the iPhone 5 in 6 different rates and can acquire for free only to the plan Mas x Menos Internet 3G 5-24 months (16 GB model ). Here's the full table:

telcel iPhone 5 precios 650x258 Tarifas y precios del iPhone 5 en México


The Spanish telecommunications company also has the iPhone 5 in Mexico offer. You can get it for free by choosing the plan 3 and the 16GB model. On the other hand, we also have available the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S free with some plans.

Movistar in Mexico uses HSPA + and DC-HSDPA high speed, which is compatible with the iPhone 5. Another way to achieve this is by installments with prepaid plans from $ 10,439.

movistar iPhone 5 precios 650x275 Tarifas y precios del iPhone 5 en México


Finally what seems to be the best option, but the most painful to the pocket at first. Prices at the Apple Store in Mexico are these:

  • iPhone 5 16GB: $ 11,499
  • iPhone 5 32GB: $ 13,199
  • iPhone 5 64GB: $ 14,999

If you acquire free will have the advantage that you can contract any rate of any market, which, ultimately, is the cheapest option.

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