Saturday, November 3, 2012

Published the first spot of the iPad Mini

Within hours of the product launch, Apple has released its first television spot. Following the line of the spots that people his other products, transmitting a minimalist, simple, and this time, no text accompanying the images.

In the spot we see the iPad mini with his "big brother", the iPad. We see how someone plays the piano with both, in the same way and smoothly, something we think Apple wanted to translate into the fact that the new product offers the same features as the iPad and transmits the same values.

As we say in the ad is not showing any narrator or text, but only the words "iPad mini" at the end of the video, appearing first as 'iPad'. However, we believe that what Apple wants to convey with this spot is that the iPad mini has the same (or almost) specific to the iPad, but with a new design and appearance.

What do you think about the new spot?

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