Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Possible solution to problems with access in the iPhone 5

wifi iphone 5 Posible soluciĆ³n a los problemas con Wifi en el iPhone 5

Problems with wireless connectivity on your iOS device should have been resolved with the latest software update from Apple. However, there are dozens of users complaining in forums that Apple still suffer problems in their iPhone 5.

From Gizmodo report that this problem is not happening in previous iPhones, "to hold in one hand the iPhone 4s and in the other the iPhone 5, we see that in the first all Wifi bars are full and in the fall iPhone 5 or the connection disappears. " To this we add that information if you experience the same problem with LTE connectivity on your iPhone 5, then go to your Apple store for you to change the device for a new one.

If the only problem I have with the wireless, maybe the solution is to change the settings of your router. A large number of users have been able to fix the bug introduced in their routers and changing connectivity WPA / WPA 2 WEP, which is less secure, but that seems to fix the problem.

If you do not know how to access your router settings, you Google the model of the device you have and you will see the instructions in the user name and password that the brand often used as a default.

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