Friday, November 9, 2012

Possible fault on the touch screen of the iPhone 5

Here is another small hiccup for Apple's latest smartphone. Although no one can doubt that the iPhone 5 is an excellent device, it seems that the rush has caused the product goes on sale in some detail who failed polish testers.

Today we bring you a bug that has leaked through Twitter, and many users have noted in their own devices, uploading some videos to the Internet. In principle, not really know if it's a hardware failure or operating system iOS 6, although old iPhone to the latest iOS does not.

fallo pantalla iphone 5 Posible fallo en la pantalla táctil del iPhone 5

The experiment is simple: simply must make quick moves from the top left corner of the screen to the bottom right corner. Soon, beat detection is blocked. This is the movement that is typical in games like Fruit Ninja and its variants, or applications with much content as SMS or email.

In the video below you have the confirmation that the bug only appears in the iPhone 5. Moreover, in several models, in white and black, and has also been reported even happens in the fifth-generation iPod Touch.

Disturbing, is not it? We know that Apple is very serious about the quality of their interfaces and user interaction, so this bug will be fixed soon. However, we can not be surprised that they have been a failure of this nature.

Even more so when we know that the apple company has worked hard to incorporate improvements in iOS 6 handling the touchscreen. With the arrival of the iPad Mini and fine edges, it was important to discover whether the presence of the thumb on the screen was due to a single pulse or device support, as shown in the video below.

Do any of you have encountered this bug in iPhone 5?

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