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Pixar devotes the main building of the campus to Steve Jobs

edificio steve jobs pixar Pixar dedica el edificio principal de su campus a Steve Jobs

The photo that accompanies these lines was sent to Twitter by an employee of Pixar. The photo shows the main building of Pixar campus and as we can see the company has chosen to dedicate this building to Steve Jobs , probably one of the most important people in the history of the company.

Pixar honors Steve Jobs dedicating the main building of the campus

PixarTimes reports:

"Steve Jobs was normally associated with Apple, but you can not forget that the visionary played a really important role in the creation of Pixar. He funded the work of the study long before they became a profitable company investing millions of his own money to keep it afloat, for he believed in the work of employees. After his death last year, some wondered as they honor in the study. In the end credits of Brave, was hollow to give a brief but moving tribute to Jobs. Now, the main building of the campus is dedicated to Pixar Jobs, his name is above the door of the building. "

It's true. In 1986, Jobs bought the computer division of Lucasfilm. The Pixar became, was named co-founder, worked as CEO and was credited as executive producer of the first great success of Pixar: Toy Story.

jobs pixar Pixar dedica el edificio principal de su campus a Steve Jobs

The building we can see in the picture, takes part of the identity of Steve Jobs, and in 1999, he had a vision of Pixar campus and made Bohlin Cywinsky Jackson (the same who designed the house of Bill Gates) to help him to turn your idea into a reality.

In 2006, Steve sold Pixar to Disney for 7.4 million shares, making it the largest private shareholder of the entertainment giant. Since his death last year, about 137 million shares were transferred to his wife.

In any case, it is important to remember that Steve Jobs was not only the architect of the building and later revival of Apple, but also contributed in other areas such as computer animation for Pixar.

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