Thursday, November 1, 2012

Phil Schiller explained that the iPad mini has stereo speakers

ipad mini estero Phil Schiller aclara que el iPad mini tiene altavoces estéreo

As we saw just a while ago, Amazon released the other day an announcement on its web anti-iPad mini , ad that claimed that the iPad mini speakers had mono. Well, when the senior vice president of marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller unveiled the iPad mini in the last scene of the keynote, not the speakers spoke of the new device. There were rumors that the iPad mini could include stereo speakers, but in the technical specifications of the tablet in the Apple not kept awake. Adding to the rumors that the iPad mini might actually have a mono speaker, Amazon recorded in his comparison of iPad mini Kindle Fire HD with the Apple tablet had mono speakers. A reader of the blog 9to5Mac seems that he was surprised by this statement and wanted to find out if the iPad mini had mono or stereo speakers. To do this, what better way to ask Phil Schiller himself?

"Hello Mr. Schiller,

I understand that the specifications of the iPad mini page should cover all aspects of it, but they do not confirm or deny specifications rumors if speakers are stereo mini iPad. Is it possible to obtain confirmation as to whether these are mono or stereo? "

This is the reader mail sent to Phil. Meanwhile, Schiller said

"They are stereo."

The blog 9to5Mac confirmed that this email exchange is authentic. Joshua Topolsky, The Verge, also received confirmation from Apple and posted it on Twitter, as we have seen in the article on the announcement of Amazon.

Logically Phil Schiller does not respond to all customer emails, indeed, it is very rare for a vice president of the world's largest company responds to a "normal" user, but Schiller apparently likes to answer questions that are source of controversy. Following the launch of the iPhone 5 was published on the web Schiller an email to a client in connection with scratches on the device.

As you know, Amazon has removed the ad on their website.

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