Thursday, November 1, 2012

Phil Schiller confirms that speakers are stereo mini iPad

When Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing for Apple, introduced the new iPad mini, did not mention a new feature of the device: the integration of stereo speakers. Some time before the keynote, it was rumored about the possibility that the new device dispusiera stereo speakers instead of mono speakers, but no Apple executive confirmed this.

In fact, under 'specifications' mini iPad Apple page, still appears as "integrated speaker," without further details. The source of this confirmation was the same Phil Schiller, a direct response to a question from a reader email 9to5Mac.

This question was (originally) that he made ​​the reader of this page at Apple's vice president of Marketing:
"Hello, Mr. Schiller:

I understand that the technical specifications on the iPad mini that appear on the site should include everything, but they neither confirm nor deny rumors that say the iPad mini has stereo speakers. Could you confirm for yourself if these speakers are mono or stereo? "

And this was the answer:

"They are stereo."

Clear and concise answer. Response confirming that the speakers built into the iPad mini are innovatively stereo, something that will undoubtedly enhance the audio quality of the device.


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