Thursday, November 15, 2012

On iPhones and iPad mini 5S Retina: Not everything that is published is true

After the last keynote our contributor @ ale_macgirl wrote: at least you're going to rest rumors "that already referring entire family had renewed iDivice, iPod, iPhone, iPad mini iPad even underwent a renovation just before Christmas sales.

Now the world could not stay without rumors, it is not surprising therefore to always launch weeks of rumors born of the next generation.

I read on a website, it is clear that it has nothing to do with technology, a somewhat sensationalist note that said, "after a few months Apple launched the iPhone in February 5S" in the note also stated that on that date would launch the iPad mini with retina display, the first expression was one of shock, as I read it but did not see any other portal saying, or if he did, it was until a week ago where this rumor came alive again, but the rumor is unsustainable.

First, it is well known that Apple can not cope with the demand for iPhone 5 orders, even where the factory there FoxCom reports highlights the difficulties that have to comply with the order number you have.

Second, there are still countries where they have not released the iPhone 5, and some are estimated to arrive next year, so it would be foolish to wait for that time to launch a new product.

Finally, making a phone is not the overnight, even simple changes are, they must go through an arduous process of design and manufacture, ensuring that they will launch another model only denotes a lack of knowledge of how things are created.

True, Apple made a big change to get an iPad 4 only seven months of the launch of iPad 3, however I think what Uncle Tim did was to group the shots to avoid deferred launch updates as well in one keynote gave birth to the new range of iDivices, and just before Christmas that sales look even more benefit.

This rumor also applies to those who expect a retina display in the iPad mini, they say, that if the change is noticeable, plus it would implement a more powerful chip, no doubt see it someday, but for now, since these two technologies would make a mini iPad thicker, and above all more expensive.

The rumor also be seen as a way for prospective buyers of the iPhone will wait until February expecting a new model even read many twit asking me that, if it was worth waiting.

The truth must be careful about what you read, and especially where it comes from the source.

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