Monday, November 19, 2012

Now available for purchase new BookBook case for iPhone 5

From today we can buy the new cover Twelve South, the BookBook. We 've talked before on this case with ancient book form, surely you have seen, and that back in the news due to the launch of the new iPhone 5.

The cover, made ​​of leather, has suffered internal redesign to alleviate the two great reviews it received the previous model: discover the camera to avoid having to remove the phone from the case every time you want to take a photo or video, and a new grip holder for iPhone, as the former model completely hid everything that was not displayed.

Available in two colors: black and brown, the jacket adds compartments to keep our credit cards and a pocket designed to tickets, so that in one pocket can carry both your phone and money and we use those cards more frequently.

One issue that concerned us is the way in which the new holster holds the phone as the iPhone 5 have a black and therefore more susceptible to imperfections in the housing, the fact that the support is hard plastic could cause some imperfect, but it seems that the party that holds the iPhone in the case is covered with leather, which, a priori, should not be a problem in this regard.

Moreover, remember that it is a cover "high end". The cover price is $ 59.99 + $ 25 shipping. You can see more specifications and information based on the official website of Twelve South .

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