Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nokia also wants its share of iOS

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It is no secret that the current iOS maps are under very bad, has been improving as time, but fall short of the products Apple has released even the good guy Tim has sent a letter of apology recommended other map services while improving itself.

Well, a few days ago Nokia announced its navigation system based on HTML-5, which call HERE. Remember that Nokia already has a mapping system which were implemented in their phones, and stored in the Windows Phone, the OVI service, intuitive maps and have the advantage of being so offline, however could only access the Friend Microsoft's market so they've decided to take the next step, go to other platforms.

The easiest and fastest way was to launch a webapp, which is pretty good, and unlike early Google maps or maps of Apple, shows the location of various points of interest, you have the option of drawing a path to a destination to another either by car, foot or public transport (not enabled everywhere).

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Now, being a webapp limits its functions to what can be done if you access all your kindness ls phone, which also announced the departure of an app for iOS, Android and WP course. In this application we can provide turn by turn directions, we may modify or make clarifications to map directly, see 3D buildings and more importantly a kind of street view with which fully shows that will compete with the larger Google Maps, which I hope will also launch its app for iOS soon.

The app is in review by Apple to be released in the App Store in the coming weeks, for now we can only access the web version and if you are tired of walking maps information from Apple, and do not want to pay tribute to Google this is a good choice.

Then left three images, the first page Here, the second of Google, and a third of Apple app, you judge

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