Monday, November 19, 2012

Nintendo launches the Wii U, the first console with built tablet

nintendo wi u Nintendo lanza la Wii U, la primera consola con tablet incorporado

In all, Nintendo will launch its new console. The Wii U is just around the corner and we do not know exactly what will happen with this new version of the console. In the past, Nintendo managed to sell so many units of your console, the most sold repeatedly.

Nintendo launches first integrated console with a tablet

However, in most cases the console was forgotten soon after and never got to "dazzle" to gamers and gamers online.

Now, Nintendo has added its own iPad as a controller on the Nintendo Wii U, HD graphics and perhaps best online services, so that the console could succeed otherwise, have a totally different success.

For now, the first impressions that is causing the console are very varied. The tablet of the Nintendo Wii U is a sometimes a mirror, a second screen other, but always it is a resistive touch screen, like the one used by the pre-2007 mobile before. Complicated to use and understand. Certainly, the decision to include a display of this type appears, at best, questionable.

So far Nintendo has refused to bring their great titles (like Mario games) to other platforms like iOS. That is their right, of course, but it seems that the Wii U will not be the alternative that "gamers" are looking and considering that the next Xbox and PlayStation are just around the corner and that devices like the iPhone or iPad are invading televisions thanks to AirPlay, it seems that they are risking too much to lose market dimension only.

What about the Nintendo Wii U once it becomes available?

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