Friday, November 16, 2012

Nintendo finally gives way to iOS

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For all well known that Nintendo did not want to enter the iOS platform, either because they see it as competition, they see as useless, or simply do not want. However, today has taken the first step in the AppStore of Japan, waiting to be launched in other countries, launched the app called Pokedex , and his name says it all, and for the clueless who do not know who makes a Pokedex is the device used, if it is, Ash ketchup to identify Pokemon, the app has a total of 30 Dll in purchases within the app to have it 100%, hopefully this is the first step toward more extensive collection catalogs having Nintendo, I'm dying for a Super Mario 3 for I must confess that I never finished, and then while we wait for the best but this is a big step.

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