Friday, November 2, 2012

Need price or quality? Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5

nexus ¿Precio o calidad? Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5

Google has just released a new version of its mobile phone. The Nexus 4 is a very powerful smartphone with a price that has not left indifferent to almost anyone: 299 €. That is, the new flagship Google will sell for a price that is less than half the cost of a iPhone 5 now and is even cheaper than an iPhone 4S. In any case we speak of free smartphones factory, ie no funding from any carrier.

Although at first the price may seem a major appeal must think one thing. For Google to market this phone as low must be sacrificing something. Will Google losing money on each terminal thinking payback after the sale service? Will you bring out your domain rights on Android? Or that competition will be looking to join Nexus terminals manufactured at very low cost to gain visibility, but sacrificing quality? Whatever the reason for this change in strategy, the fact is that there is a common denominator: control the hardware, software and reduces the profit margin to the maximum and this is something that Apple has been doing for a long time.

Taking these data into account and that Google is offering the handset to a much reduced price Where does all this leave Apple? Apple Will be happening to prices? Well, honestly, I think not.

The quality of the iPhone 5 price against Nexus 4

excelencia iphone 5 ¿Precio o calidad? Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is hardly comparable with the new Google Nexus 4. Both do similar things and they allow us access to similar services, but will do in a completely different and totally different finishes.

Apple has committed to excellence in its products. Both software and hardware are designed and designed down to the smallest detail. The integration between the hardware and the operating system is perfect, since Apple does not have to think of other manufacturers, it only uses the operating system. In addition, the materials used to build Apple products are of higher quality, which raises the cost, but it manages to create high-quality products. Thing that Google is not doing.

The clearest example can be seen in both the material used for the housing companies of their devices. Google has opted for the plastic, while Apple has bet heavily on aluminum. It costs a lot to compare as equals two products that are made of materials that different. Materials that give completely different results when truth.

google nexus 4 ¿Precio o calidad? Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5

No doubt Google has made a masterstroke with this new Nexus 4. A terminal attractive price and with good technical features that will surely get enough sales to snatch iPhone 5. A lot of people really will not care that the material is manufactured and will not be able to understand that Apple has to sell their products at a higher price because of using more expensive materials, custom components and manufacturing processes at a cost much higher than that of other manufacturers.

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