Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mitele Web & TV: programs, series and movies Mediaset Spain from the iPhone and iPad

Perhaps many may know the Mitele site , from which you can view the contents of the Mediaset channels so online. Well, besides the web can also download the app for iPhone and iPad, from which you can access quickly and easily to what they broadcast.

With this application we can see, from live content to programs, series or movies (the latter for a fee). It is possible that you may like more or less emissions, and it depends on individual taste, but to spend time watching, for example, The looming or stray, the application meets.

The content you find is out of date, and we can access previous seasons and episodes of the series and programs broadcast in different channels.

It seems that since the last update of the app, no longer allowed to use AirPlay to see it on TV, but if you have a device that supports the Mirroring option, you will have no problems in using it, either through Apple TV or HDMI cable.

The app is free and universal and, of course, you need an Internet connection to run (all content is streaming, you can not download anything).

Web & TV Mitele

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